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We don't sell software, we make them for you! 

Our Business...

If your business is in the market for custom software development, desktop or web-based applications, Softa technologies has many years of experience that will work for you! We can provide complete "turn-key" solutions specific to your business needs, or use our expertise at the level where it's needed. We can fit in with your overall software development plans. Whether your needs are to supplement current development or to have Softa technology develop an entire software package, it would be our pleasure to help you with new or ongoing projects, including analysis, design, coding, testing and implementation. It's all possible; the level of help, is up to you.

We recognise that there are many of-the-shelf application packages targeted towards varying business needs but as capable and robust as these applications are it is often impossible to find one that provides that simple but important feature that your business needs. No two businesses are the same even if they are of the same location, type and size. There is always a difference in operation and management style and this is what makes and breaks a business venture.

There is no denying that such operational and management style which determines the success and failure of the today's business can only be supported with a sound technological backbone. The strenght of any technological infrastructure lies in the software that drives the technology.


No matter what nature, model and type of business you may be conducting, IT Infrastructure is the foundation to serve and support the processes, operations and management functions throughout the organization. It is the underlying establishment for all functional pillars of your business. Softa technologies IT solutions for management and operation of the IT infrastructure promote optimal service provisioning to the customer at justifiable costs.

Softa technologies services for IT Infrastructure include multi-vendor and integrated solutions. These encompass all aspects of Analysis, Baseline, Design, Architecture, Implementation, Operations, Administration and Maintenance for Hardware, Software, Network, Security Communications, Procedures
and Documentation.

Our mission is building applications that grows with your business!